Monday, June 22, 2009

Texans in Tanzania

We are often asked how two middle-aged Texans ended up in Tanzania, East Africa. Well, I can honestly say that no one is more surprised than we are to find ourselves here. Africa was not even on our the list of top 10 "Places I Gotta See Before I Die".

After hearing about the vision our friend, Jerry Hale, had for OMEGA Mission, focusing on ministry in Tanzania, Ed immediately felt like God was urging him to find out more. He, jokingly, tells people that he pulled out his map of Texas and couldn't find Tanzania anywhere. So, to find out more, Ed traveled with the first OMEGA Mission team in October 2005 and knew he was being called to return on a long-term basis. With a great deal of prayer over the course of several months, we both felt like this was where we were meant to be. Ed returned to Tanzania for a 6month stretch in January 2006. Upon his return to the US that August, we made the decision to sell everything and made preparations to re-locate. He left again in January 2007, and I joined him that June.

God's call was simply, "show up". Although, we felt strongly the call would involve water projects, it has taken nearly 3 years to bring this about. We are involved in hosting OMEGA Mission teams and volunteers as they travel from all over to work on a variety of projects in Tanzania.

Our journey during this period has been one of learning to stay focused on the Lord and not what we think His will is for our lives. The journey has been exciting, frustrating, adventurous, joyful, and heart-wrenching. Most of all, it has been humbling to think God would call the 2 of us. We are, by no means, spiritual giants....just 2 ordinary Texans in Tanzania.

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bernie said...

My daughter, Amanda, is travelling with the Aldersgate team from Lubbock for the mission trip at the end of July.

Anonymous said...

I love the new website.

Kristina Ellis said...

Thank you for making this blog. Now that I found it (thanks to Debbie Haney) I will follow it. -Kristina Ellis