Sunday, September 19, 2010


Meet the Trimble Family from St. Paul Minnesota. A 10 year dream of a family mission trip to Africa was realized this summer. There were many obstacles the family had to overcome, but
They raised funds to install windows at a church in the village of Ntyuka.  The entire family went to work installing windows, patching with mud mortar, and then painting.
It was not all work and no play, as the family organized games with the village children each day.
The happiness stimulated in play carried over to their work.
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TEACH IT TEAM-Journey's End

After 2 weeks of hard work, the Teach It Team, set off on safari in Mikumi National Park.
It was a great safari which sported a rare shot of a lion soaking up the warmth of an early morning sunrise. He wasn't too excited by our presence. In fact this was one of the few shots I got with his eyes open.
The team then opted for a day trip to the island of Zanzibar. It has a completely different feel than mainland, Tanzania. After touring a spice plantation and the old slave market, they strolled through the market.
The streets of Zanzibar are narrow and many passable only by foot.
Back in Texas, Susan will return to her home-bound teaching, Heidi to her 2nd grade classroom, and Sara will continue her teacher training. All agree their lives will never be the same.
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The Teach It Team came bearing suitcases of books. When combined with many other books already donated to the Safina Street Network program, they undertook the job of cataloging over 400 books, building and installing bookshelves, and opening a new library for the street kids.

The new bookshelves were funded by the Teach It team and built by Ed.
They filled every possible corner and space with shelf space, anticipating a room one day filled with books.
Susan, Sara, and Heidi did a great job on the library, but their passion lay working with kids at the center.
Susan loved spending time reading and working with the Safina nursery kids. Heidi spent a great deal of time working with the older boys on their English skills.
Sara was a great playmate for the kids.


Susan Brown, from San Antonio, came to Tanzania 2 years ago with a group of special educators and left with a dream of returning to Tanzania and giving more.
This summer she returned, with her daughter, Sara Brown, and co-worker, Heidi Enrado.
The first week of their visit was spent experiencing life in villages.
Susan and Sara worked in a classroom for special needs students in the village of Mpunguzi.

Heidi worked with upper primary school students on their English skills as they prepared for their Standard VII National Examination.
Tikvah is a ministry under the direction of our Tanzanian friends Patrick and Necksan. The ministry focuses on widows and orphans. During their visit, the Teach It team was able to assist Necksan with the distribution of school supplies, blankets, and clothing to orphans in the village of Mkulabi.
The shirts were all new, all the same size, and all a blessing to these children.
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During the summer of 2009, Jim Griffey brought his entire family to Tanzania to see what Omega was all about. Jim left, knowing he would be returning.
Over the ensuing year, he stayed in touch with his new friend, Stephano and was able to come back to Tanzania to focus on some of his favorite stops.
Brad, Jim's son, was able to join him on this return journey.
Deepening the friendship with Stephano, Brad and Jim were able to meet Stephano's extended family.
They spent several days at Sambasha, visiting village homes and encouraging people to come to church.  There was painting to be done at the church, so the Griffey guys put their hands to putting some of the finishing touches on the new sanctuary.
The children at Sambasha flocked to Jim and Brad to receive crayolas to use at school.
After making a stop to visit friends in the village of Mswakini, we made the 9 hour drive to Dodoma.
 Jim and Brad were able to to share their basketball skills with the Safina Street kids.
Now that the refurbishment of the Safina building is progressing, there was a great need for shelving in several of the rooms.  Jim and Brad spent a day working alongside the boys there, building shelves and just having a good time.
Jim says he'll back next year.  We certainly hope he does return.  The Griffey Family has blessed Omega and Tanzania......sana, sana, sana.
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...and we pause for a commercial break

We loved hosting the team from Victory Life and, upon their departure, were blessed to be invited to stay at a new beach resort, owned by friends.
The best part is that it was "free of charge".

So here's a picture you won't often see....
ED on the beach
And then there's ME on the beach....
And US on the beach....
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The time just flew by and it was time to head back to Texas.
But not before a quick photographic safari.

To experience a little "wildlife"
And a break on the beach
And then it was time to go.
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The team moved on to work with the Safina Street Network for only one day.
The ladies painted hallways to bring new light into a dark and dreary building.

The men worked to construct and raise a basketball goal for the boys.
In the afternoon as the boys gathered for a Bible lesson, the team shared the plan of salvation with them.
And then it was time to serve the meal which Safina provides daily to the street children of Dodoma.
Matthew 25:40 (NLT): "I assure you, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!"
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At the end of the week at Nghon'ghona, the people of the village honored each team member with traditional gifts of shukas for the mean and khangas for the women. They were humbled by the generosity of the villagers.
Many came out on the last day to dedicate the church and bid the team a loving farewell.
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When the Victory Life started planning their trip to Tanzania, their focus was always to proclaim the Good News.
Well, they certainly partnered with the right pastor. Pastor Erasto Mwambeje immediately grasped their vision and planned a crusade for the week the team was working with his church.
Over loud speakers, the Word of God was proclaimed as Charles Abuyeka preached and Pastor Erasto translated. They were definitely a "dynamic duo".
Every afternoon the crowds grew.

And every afternoon there were more and more responses as people received Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
And every afternoon the celebrations became more exciting and joyful.
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