Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well, I am going to start apologizing to the families and friends of Team Bailey who were anxious to get daily updates on what was going on with the team while they were here. I know the next posts are a little late in coming, but for others maybe you can get an idea of what goes on with an OMEGA team.

Shagalabagala---is the Kiswahili word for "messy, a state of confusion".....well this blogger was a little "shagalaBLOGala". When I found myself yearning for a nap while the rest of the team was working, I chose to get some sleep each night instead of staying up late to update the blog.

Team were unforgettable!!!!!!
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Team Bailey---The Work Continues

Several days after Team Bailey departed, we made another trip up to Sambasha to see how things were progressing. What a delight to find plaster on both the inside and outside walls, as the community continued the work started with the help of OMEGA teams 3 years ago.

Even the children get involved as they splash water on the plaster to keep it from cracking.

This wall fell when it was first erected and a child was killed. Pastor Saitoti was taken to jail, wondering if this was all worth it. He shared with his congregation that at his lowest moments, God has always been faithful in showing him he must continue. He wanted this wall completed first of all.

As we left that afternoon, I caught this picture.....the light coming through a window and casting this at the foot of that same wall.

Team Bailey--Day of Worship

For teams who work at Sambasha, one of the highlights is participating in the lively worship there. There is dancing, singing, jumping, hooping and hollering. It is pure worship. The team loved getting in there and experiencing every minute. Worship continued, and with Becky on guitar, the team shared some of their favorite American worship tunes.
Wade was asked to continue his teaching on HIV/AIDS and Michael was asked to preach. After giving a powerful personal testimony with a translator, many people came forward for prayer.

The people at Sambasha are so generous with gifts for each team member. The women were presented traditional Maasai jewelry and the men a Maasai weapon. Presented only to the most honored guests is the "traditional roasted goat". Believe me, it's indescribable and the team was very gracious in their acceptance of the gift and, rather than eating the entire goat, opted to share it with the congregation.

Team Bailey---their last day at Sambasha
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Team Bailey-Day 5--Safari

On Day 5, Team Bailey took off for safari at Ngorongoro Crater, said to be one of the "8 Natural Wonders of the World".

With safaris, travelers are at the mercy of the animals and whether they will be visible. Every animal in the crater was available on this day and the group saw: lions, cheetah, wildebeest, warthog, cape buffalo, elephant, zebra, hippos, and many others.

This is a large of wildebeest we had watched from several miles away not knowing what it was until we got closer. There were 100's on the move.
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Team Bailey-Day 4--Mountaintop Experience

We were invited to join a group who climb a mountain in the hills of Mt. Meru for prayer on Friday morning.
It could easily be defined as a "mountaintop experience".....each individual experiencing something very personal.
No words can describe the morning.
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Team Bailey-Day 3----Karibu

In Kiswahili, the word "karibu" means "welcome". On day 3, Team Bailey had the opportunity to make home visits with Pastor Saitoti. A common Tanzanian phrase is "you are warmly welcome" and, indeed we were....

Karibu a nyumbani......welcome to the home.

Karibu kiti.....welcome to a chair

Karibu a familia wa Mungu...welcome to the family of God. We were blessed to be present as Maasai man, his 4 wives and countless children (possibly 20 in all) accepted Christ.

Karibuni.....welcome all!!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Team Bailey-Day 3--Work--HELPING

Here are some highlights of Day 3 for Team Bailey-----HELPING

HELPING in the kitchen and learning a new way of cooking new and different foods

Giving a HELPING hand

HELPING a "special needs" child

Asking for HELP (encouragement) to try a new and different food
"Oh's UGALI"
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Team Bailey--God Rocks

The rocks were being unloaded just as we arrived at the construction site the morning of Day 3

Should we have expected any less??????

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Team Bailey--Day 2--SHARING

Two of our team members took a side trip to Minjingu today to visit a Compassion child, so we will share their adventure of traveling by bus tomorrow when they are rested.
As I looked at what pictures to post, it was obvious that today's central theme was SHARING.

SHARING our languages and learning from one another

SHARING where we come from

SHARING our praise and worship

SHARING prayers upon realizing a truck was blocking our only route back to hot showers and a early bed time. This truck was delivering rocks to the construction site. Obviously, pushing was not an option, so we decided to pray instead and began to praise God for his authority over all things and asked that He start this truck obstructing our path. While we were at it, we thought we might also ask Him to have those rocks dumped in the closest possible place to where they need to be used tomorrow, so we wouldn't have to carry them so far. With the utterance of "AMEN", the truck started and was moved out of the way.

We can't wait to see where the rocks are when we arrive in the morning.

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OMEGA-Team Bailey-Day 2--Work

Team Bailey arrived at the construction site this morning ready to tackle the duties for the day that included: moving rocks, moving blocks, moving cement, moving more rocks, moving sand, placing fill rocks for the base of the concrete floor, and moving more rocks.

Team work helped make the job easier

Some carried a "double load"

We all experienced a new found appreciation for "manual labor"

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OMEGA-Team Bailey--The Heart of the Matter

Projects are an important part of the OMEGA team experience, but the heart of OMEGA is the relationships built along the way.
On Day 1 for Team Bailey, the relationships took root as team members interacted:

With the school children....

With each other.........

and with the community

And this is just Day 1.
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OMEGA-Team Bailey Day 1 - Work

The team woke early and was eager to head up Mt. Meru to the community of Sambasha. OMEGA teams have developed a strong relationship over the past several years assisting the community in the building of both their church and education facilities for their children.

The team had no hesitation of getting work started immediately and began the day by loading and hauling countless wheel-barrows full of pumice rock to lay as base over which the new concrete floor will be poured.

Help came from all ages as the workers enjoyed teaching some of the team members to count in Kiswahili from 1-5: moja, mbili, tatu, nne, tano.
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OMEGA--Team Bailey Arrival

Over the next few days, we are going to let you have an idea of what takes place when an OMEGA team comes to Tanzania to work on a project. This particular team was, for the most part from our home church in Lubbock, but also included a couple of Austinites and a Houstonian, who have been delightful additions to the team.
The team arrived at Kilimanjaro Int'l Airport after traveling about 30 hours of travel. They were excited as they exited the baggage claim, with only the delay of one piece of luggage. Each one vividly noticed the different feel and smell to the air as they de-planed. It is something noticed immediately by all our visitors.
After a 45 minute drive into Arusha, we arrived at the hostel which will provide meals and lodging for our group for the next 8 days. Everything was unpacked and the most immediate matter to address was contacting family members. Everyone got a turn at the computer or telephone before heading off to bed.

No one hung around for a group photo, except Ed and Michael.

Hope you will check back each day and get an up date on that goes on with an OMEGA group.
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Friday, September 26, 2008

"A Day Like No Other..."

Today was Form 4 graduation at Aldersgate School. Form 4 is the equivalent of 12th grade. One special young man with whom we have become friends is Soma (on my left in the photo). Soma and is friend, Moses are from the Maasai tribe. Like all Maasai, they are very proud of their heritage. They wore the required dress shirts and slacks today for the ceremony, but quickly changed into traditional Massai dress at the conclusion. There are 5 young Maasai men in this class and they gathered with their families under a tree on the school grounds after the ceremony. Most everyone was dressed in the beautiful Maasai "shukas" and decked out in their beaded accessories. Because Soma's family lives so far away, he asked us to represent his family for this special occasion. Everyone in the photo, (but the Texans) are Maasai. Little Nosim is a primary school student, who finds countless excuses to leave the dormitory and come for visits.

At the end of the day, one young man stated, "This is a day like no is just for us.....there will be another day like today". What a grand thought for us all.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Spanning a Century

From 1908

To 2008

A picture in contrast

Technology during a power outage.
Ain't modern technology grand???
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The Fundi's Friend.......Frank

Frank is the guy in charge of maintenance at Aldersgate school. He and Ed have been fast friends since Ed's arrival in January of 2007. They are both very quiet and have have a sense for how to fix things and make them work, so they get along very well. Frank is an electrician by trade and helped lay the electrical line the 120 miles between Arusha and Babati. Frank has officially crossed the line of the "fundi factor", and working with Ed, has learned to weld, repair plumbing, build fence, spread concrete, install windows, and pull water well pumps, to list a few. Looking at this photo of the two of them, it appears he has taken on come other of Ed's characteristics.

One of their recent projects was the fabrication of 125 sets of chairs and desks and 25 -10 ft long benches. By setting up "jigs", they starting turning out quality metal chairs and desks and named their process "Precision Manufacturing Company". The job was set up in the cooking area at the school and when the secondary school boys had a break, they lined up to see the process. Unfortunately, I did not get photos.
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