Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The team members had no hesitation about sharing the love of Jesus Christ at every opportunity.

The children were captivated with the stories and songs telling about Christ.

Language was no barrier when it came to the Prayer of Salvation.

Adults loved the sincerity when a heart was shared.



The team met every day with renewed energy and tackled their work vigorously. The Tanzanians who worked alongside them admired their fortitude. The job was truly "manual labor". All the cement for the floor was hand mixed with sand and gravel and then carefully poured. After the first rough layer of cement was dried, a second layer was applied to smoothe out all the imperfections.

The ladies did their part too.....

Even the water had to be retrieved and hauled a distance.

Monday, June 21, 2010


It's not "all work and no play" for this team from Victory Life.
Chris demonstrates his batting skills.
You don't need a translator to tell kids how to kick a ball.
Balloons by the bunch.........Billy was huffing and puffing by the time all the kids got a balloon.
Teaching the kids to color was great, but seeing them excited about taking the crayons home with them was even better.
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The Victory Life team raised funds to raise the walls and install a floor on the Beroya Church in Nghon'ghona. This is the church before the walls were built.
Pastor Erasto so wanted the building to be near completion by the time the team left, so the actual walls were erected prior to the team's arrival, leaving only the floor to be poured.
So the work begins........
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The first day on the ground,the team from Victory Life spent in seeing the scope of Pastor Erasto's vision for sharing Jesus and providing a solid educational foundation for pre-school age children.
The students at the pre-school in Ipagala were excited to have the team visit. The classrooms here also serve as a church for the community of Ipagala.
Not far away, is the site for the future building of the Shekinah Miracle Center. Pastor Erasto invited the team to bless the grounds by doing a "prayer walk" around the acreage. The team partnered up and walked the perimeter several times, praying continuously.
Later in the day, we headed out to Nghon'ghona to see where we would be working. The enthusiastic community gathered to greet us.
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There were 15 of us to get to Dodoma, so after the Landcruiser was loaded, 4 traveled with Ed and 11 of us went by the prestigious SHABIBY bus line (a 7 hour ride).

The beginning of the ride was all smiles.

A rest stop in Morogoro introduced everyone to Tanzanian "rest stop facilities"

Finally arriving in Dodoma, we were greeted at the bus stand by Pastor Erasto Mwambeje....with whom the group will be working during the next week.
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Saturday, June 5, 2010


The team from Victory Life Church in Lubbock arrived safely in Tanzania late in the afternoon. After over an hour getting through customs and gathering their luggage(minus one piece that was left in Houston) they exited Julius Nyerere International Airport with smiles and laughter ready to meet the challenges of the days ahead.

With 16 of us in all, we had to use a bus to reach our accommodations for the night. Rather than take a shorter route to the hostel, the driver chose to drive through downtown Dar es Salaam in 5 o'clock traffic. We arrived nearly 3 hours later........just in time for dinner..........and to get to bed for an early wake up call.


Dear Loved Ones,
I know you are anxiously waiting for some posts about your friends and family who are on the Victory Life Team in Tanzania. Tonight is the 4th night they have been in Tanzania and we have had a great time. With the early mornings/late nights we have had, I haven't gotten anything posted on the blog. Tonight I have been on the internet for an hour and it is "SUPER" slow, so that's why there are no photos on this blog. Please bear with us and know that your loved ones are all safe and having a great time. I will try again tomorrow.
But for now am signing off at 12:08 Sunday morning.

Blessings to you all.
Ed & Debra Lloyd and the Awesome Victory Life Team